How Can You Locate Lots Where You Can Put Manufactured Homes?


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To find a lot for a manufactured home, first determine whether you are going to purchase or rent the lot, and find out whether you want to live in a manufactured home community. Contact the property manager, owner or landlord for more information.

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Before you find a lot, you must choose between an existing community or individual lot, according to SFGate. For manufactured homeowners who prefer privacy, an individual lot is ideal. Individual communities offer amenities and security, but may come with additional fees on top of the monthly rent. You should carefully determine whether these amenities are worth the extra money. These amenities may include water, sewer and trash removal.

If you are interested in placing your manufactured home on an individual plot of land, check to make sure the land can sustain a manufactured home. The agreement should not restrict your right to sell the lot. In addition, the land should have proper drainage. It should also be free of rocks so the home can be properly leveled when placed on the land. Make sure the local zoning allows for manufactured homes to be placed on the property, and make sure there are no restrictive covenants on the land.

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