How Can You Locate Current Stock Market Reports by CNN?

CNN Money provides current stock market reports, including the most recent price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500, as the website indicates. The website also includes top stories related to business, finance and the major stock markets.

CNN Money features information about the most popular stocks and how well they performed during the trading day, according to the website. Other features include the current yield on the 10-year Treasury bill, and the current price of commodities such as a crude oil, gas, sliver and gold.

CNN Money also highlights the trading day’s biggest gainers and losers reflected as a percentage gain or loss, as the website indicates. Another feature is the current price of major currencies compared to the U.S. dollar. The website includes the current price of the euro, British pound, the Japanese yen, the Chinese yuan and the Canadian dollar. It also provides the 3-month performance of specific sectors, such as utilities, electronic technology and transportation, and compares the performance of those sectors to other sectors. The CNN Money website also offers a personal finance section that features articles related to spending habits, personal banking, retirement planning and managing credit-card debt and videos on business-related themes.