How can you locate the address of a business in Oklahoma?


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You can locate businesses for the State of Oklahoma, or individual regions and cities within the state, through both non-governmental and governmental online directories. Examples include CityOf.com's Oklahoma City business directory, the state government website and the Better Business Bureau.

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The government website of the State of Oklahoma enables you to search for businesses within the state both by business name and trademark. To search by business name, click on the Business Name Availability button. This button links to the website of the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Enter a business name into the search engine to pull up a list of hits. By clicking on some of these hits, you can view the address information.

To search by business trademark, click on the Business Trademark Search button, which also takes you to the Oklahoma SOS website. Enter a trademark of the business to search for entries.

CityOf.com and the Better Business Bureau both provide directories for individual cities within the state. CityOf.com's Oklahoma City Business Directory categorizes businesses into business types. The Better Business Bureau not only provides directories of businesses with addresses for cities in the state, but also ratings and awards. The website has a search bar for locating area businesses and associated addresses.

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