How Can You Find Your Local Medicare Office?

The Social Security Administration handles Medicare enrollment, and those who want to enroll for Medicare in person or ask questions about their enrollment should visit their local Social Security office, reports Addresses and phone numbers for local offices are available at

To use the office locator to find a local Social Security office, go to the home page of the Social Security website at, and then scroll down to click on Contact Us under Items of Interest, explains the SSA. Click on Find an Office, enter your ZIP code in the box under Find the Office for This ZIP Code, and click on Locate. The locator gives you the address, phone number and hours of operation of the local Social Security office. For more details, click on either Office Closings, Show Special Instructions or Get Map and Directions.

Once you are enrolled in Medicare, it is possible to find local doctors, other health care providers, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities by visiting Open the home page, and then select Sign Up/Change Plans on the left side of the toolbar at the top of the page. Click on Find Doctors, Hospitals, & Facilities. Click on whichever category of health care provider or facility you need, in order to access its search engine, notes the SSA.