How Can You Find a Local Insurance Agent?


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To find a local insurance agent, ask for referrals from family, friends or acquaintances, recommends the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Checking with local businesses or trade organizations related to insurance is another good option for finding a local agent.

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If you decide to ask people you know for recommendations about an insurance agent, get as much information as you can, says the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, or NAIC. Ask what types of insurance policies that agent handles, and if they liked working with the agent. Try to find out about how friendly they were, if they were helpful, and what their customer service was like. It is also good to get details about how they handle claims and if the coverage changed at all when using that particular agent.

Another option for finding a local insurance agent who is also reputable is checking with local trade associations, notes the NAIC. Trade associations often work closely with different insurance companies and call tell you the good from the bad. There are certain qualities to look for when choosing an insurance agent, such as having the right credentials, good experience dealing with the types of insurance you need, and having a good personality. The person should not only be good at his job, but must also be easy to work with.

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