Where Can You Find Local General Electric Distrubutors?


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Depending on the type of General Electric products the customer is looking for, customers can go to the GE product website and input a ZIP code. The website returns a list of nearby dealers and distributors. Customers can also search for distributors using local yellow pages or social media.

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Several online locators assist those searching for GE retailers by either prompting users to geographic info or through location detection technology via a web browser. Local maps and listings typically accompany the results.

General Electric offers a wide range of products and has a very efficient network of distribution centers and dealers. The company has numerous distribution networks in countries all over the world. In the United States, General Electric has nine distribution centers and 130 cross-dock locations. These strategically located warehouses are placed in different parts of the country to ensure fast delivery to customers. The nine U.S. centers are placed in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Louisville, Belcamp and Jacksonville. These warehouses offer prompt and on-time delivery to cross-dock centers before reaching the dealers and distributors.

Customers can buy their GE appliances at local stores, such as Home Depot, Lowe's or Best Buy. Customers can also place their orders online through retailers such as Amazon.com and have their appliances shipped directly to their households.

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