How Can You Get Living Will and Last Will and Testament Forms?

Visiting legal assistance websites such as LawDepot and Rocket Lawyer allow people to create and print customized living will and last will and testament forms for free. These websites customize the forms to conform with the laws in the different states, according to LawDepot.

A living will is an important document to prepare, as it provides directives for caregivers, physicians and family members in the case of a person's incapacity. It is possible to avoid the long-term indignity and expense of being kept alive while in a coma by putting together a living will ahead of time that directs physicians to stop life support measures when recovery is impossible, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

A last will and testament is a crucial document as well. People who die without a will leave their assets in the hands of a judge, and the laws vary widely from one state to the next. In some states, if a person dies without a will, the assets divide between a surviving spouse and any children. For a person who is single and has no children, though, the court has wider leeway in distributing assets, and in some cases the government ends up with the assets, as stated by CNN.