Where Can You Find Listings of Waterfront Homes for Sale in South Carolina?


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Find listings for waterfront homes for sale in South Carolina on sites such as Zillow.com, LakeHouse.com, HometownSC.com, Homes.com and Craigslist.org, as of 2015. These sites contain tools for locating properties based on factors such as sale price, home size, property size and available amenities.

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One of the most effective ways to ensure that a for-sale listing includes waterfront property is to use a map browsing option, such as those available on Craigslist.org, Zillow.com and LakeHouse.com. Each site offers different specific features, though the tools generally work the same way. Once the user inputs a set of search criteria, she has the option to change the view to a map-based sorting. Zillow.com defaults its results to a hyrbid view that includes both a map and a traditional listing, with specific pins on the map that represent the different homes. The user can then maneuver the map to see only listings with a pin directly on or near various waterfront areas.

Many property listing sites require users to enter a specific city to view different postings. As such, it is often necessary to conduct multiple searches in cities such as Charleston or islands such as Morgan Island, Capers Island or Bull Island.

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