Where Can You Find Listings for Mother/daughter Homes in Your Area?

Where Can You Find Listings for Mother/daughter Homes in Your Area?

To search for mother/daughter homes in a specific area, enter the keyword "Mother Daughter" and the location into the search bars on the Zillow website. This search engine will generate a list of all mother/daughter public home advertisements near the given location, according to the Zillow website.

A mother/daughter home is a type of house design that has two sets of all necessary living amenities, such as two kitchens, two washing rooms and two bathrooms, says Center Island Contracting. This type of home is popular for people who want to live independently, but in the same building as someone else. Use the following steps to search for a mother/daughter home in a specific area.

  1. Go to the Zillow website
  2. Open up the Zillow website in a working web browser.

  3. Choose the type of home that is desired
  4. Choose between homes for rent or homes for sale.

  5. Enter the location
  6. Enter a location such as a state, a county or a city.

  7. Narrow the search and enter the specific keywords "Mother Daughter"
  8. Choose to narrow the search by filters such as number of bedrooms and specific price ranges. Finally, go to the "More" tab and enter the keywords "Mother" and "Daughter" into the bottom text field and click on "apply". This will generate all of the mother/daughter home listings in the given area.