Where Can You Find Listings of Duplexes for Rent by Owner?

Rent.com allows users to specify units for rent by owners, and For Rent By Owner lets users filter their searches to see only duplexes in the results. For Rent By Owner posts nationwide rental listings for duplexes and other types of rental units; owners and their representatives, including property managers, can post the listings. The site links all ads to real estate websites Zillow and Truly daily, according to For Rent By Owner.

As of October 2015, typing "duplex" into the search box at For Rent By Owner produces more than 700 listings of duplexes for rent in locations as far flung as Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Idaho Falls, Idaho; and New York, New York. Listings range from $400 to $18,500 per month, according to For Rent By Owner. Each listing provides a description, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and the owner's contact information.

Rent.com provides information on what it means to rent a duplex or another unit directly from the unit's owner, pointing out that renting directly from an owner rather than via a management company provides for more direct communication with the landlord and may mean easier repairs and maintenance. Renting directly from an owner can save the renter potential fees that would be paid to a management company or broker, as Rent.com explains.