Where Can You Find a Listing of VA Loan-Approved Condos for Sale in Your Area?

Customized reports that list Veterans Administration approved condominiums for sale are available online at the official website of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, VA.gov, as indicated on the site. Individuals can access the report by entering the phrase "Condo Report" into the search box at the top right of the home page and then selecting Veterans Information Portal.

Summary reports and detailed reports are available, as noted on VA.gov. A summary report provides users with a list of condominium names and identifications. Users can click the condominium name to view additional details about the property. A detailed report includes address, processing dates and status information as well.

The state name is the only required search criteria, advises the website. To ensure the report only includes condominiums approved by the Veterans Administration, individuals can check the box next to item two under Request a Customized Condo Report.

Item number three requests the condominium's name or identification, and the ID field must contain six digits, explains the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Leading zeros are used if needed. Asterisks are used in the name fields to represent multiple characters.

The report is further refined by selecting a regional office from the drop down menu found under item four and entering a city, state and county in item number five. Asterisks are not allowed in the city and county fields, according to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.