How Can You Find a Listing of All Kinds of Doctors That Take Cigna Insurance?


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The Cigna website at Cigna.com offers a healthcare provider directory that allows users to search for doctors and other care providers who accept Cigna health insurance. This directory is broken into sub-directories based on the provider and type of plan.

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  1. Open the Cigna.com website

    Open your preferred browser, type "Cigna.com" in the address bar and hit Enter. Scroll to the bottom and select "Find a doctor" under the "I Want to..." heading.

  2. Select the type of plan

    The healthcare provider directory search is divided into several categories: existing Cigna health insurance customers, Cigna health insurance plan customers who receive their benefits through work or school, people purchasing insurance individually or through a health exchange and people who have a Medicare plan. Select the appropriate option.

  3. Enter search options

    The search form that appears will ask for your city and state, and makes you select a plan from the drop-down menu. Enter the requested information. You can also add information to search for a particular doctor or specific healthcare services. Click Search once all fields are complete.

  4. Review the results

    A list will appear of all physicians, dentists and other health care providers who meet the criteria entered. Choose the provider who meets your current need from this list.

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