How Can You Find a List of WIC Office Locations?


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The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service website provides both a directory and an interactive map of WIC services within the states, as well as within U.S. territories, such as Guam and American Samoa. The directory contains contact information and links to individual state and territory WIC websites.

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Individual entries within the directory give the state agency name and address, WIC director and email, phone number, fax number and state WIC website. Each entry also has a link to Google maps in order to verify agency location. The USDA WIC website itself has an interactive map and drop-down menu wherein users can click on individual states and territories in order to more quickly locate them within the directory. Some states and territories have multiple WIC office locations, with some geared towards particular segments of the population (for example, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians).

The USDA website also provides links to information on WIC headquarters and regional offices, WIC farmers' market state agencies, senior farmers' market nutrition programs and WIC nutrition coordinators and breastfeeding coordinators. Individual state and territory websites provide further information on WIC services within their borders. Information may include eligibility guidelines, identification requirements and additional promotional and educational material.

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