Where Can You Find a List of Trucking Companies?

ListofTruckingCompanies.com provides lists of trucking companies by state, trailer type and company name, while BestDriverJobs.com posts lists of trucking companies by state. On BestDriverJobs.com, job seekers can fill out a job application or advanced search form to obtain job listings from companies that match the entered criteria.

ListofTruckingCompanies.com offers lists of trucking companies in several categories, including dry van,

flatbed, refrigerated and tanker companies. It also provides a list of companies that handle hazardous material loads. Job seekers and customers seeking trucking services use the free website to browse trucking companies that may be suitable. ListofTruckingCompanies.com also features websites that post jobs listed by type and location. To add a trucking company to the listing, click on the Add Company tab on the homepage of the website, and fill out the required fields.

BestDriverJobs.com lists full-time and part-time trucking opportunities for owner operators and company drivers. Job seekers can fill out a single application at the website to receive streamlined job listings that are well-suited to their experience, history and Commercial Driver's License class qualifications. BestDriverJobs.com also sends completed applications to companies that have openings matching an applicant's qualifications, saving substantial time and effort for job-seekers. The advanced search form uses variables such as job position, state, years of over-the-road experience, license class, felony status and equipment type.