Where Can You Find a List of Toll-Free Numbers?

Where Can You Find a List of Toll-Free Numbers?

At&T offers toll-free directory assistance at Tollfreeda.com or by calling the automated directory at 800-555-1212. AT&T does not charge individuals for the use of its directory. This directory includes only those businesses who have requested to be published in the directory. Some businesses choose instead to share their toll-free number through their own advertising or other resources.

The Federal Communications Commission mandates that AT&T provide toll-free directory assistance for the United States, as of September 2015. This directory includes only phone numbers beginning with 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888 area codes. Geographic area codes are not included in this directory service.

Tollfreeda.com allows searches by company name and reverse searches by toll-free number. The site also offers a limited search function by area code and business category. The business category options are related to only travel or government.

Another source for toll-free listings is through a local 411 directory. Additionally, some private companies offer toll-free directory look-up services. Some fees may apply when using 411 or a private company directory.

Though the FCC regulates the rules for obtaining and using toll-free numbers, it does not issue them or have access to the toll-free number database, where millions of issued numbers are listed.