Where Can You Find a List of Stocks That Pay Dividends?


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Financial websites such as Dividend.com and The Street provide lists of stocks that pay dividends by yields and by rates, as each company’s website indicates. Dividend.com provides a list that covers high-dividend stocks by yield, and The Street offers a list that covers high dividend stocks by rate and by yield.

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The Street provides users with each company’s ex-dividend dates along with the annualized rates and yields, notes the company’s website. The Street also offers a dividend calendar for more information on when the companies pay dividends, and it has a dividend stock picks section where users can view more high-yield dividend stocks.

The list at Dividend.com provides the company’s name, stock symbol, dividend yield and annual dividend. It ranks dividend paying companies by the highest yield. For example, Atlas Energy ranked first on the list with an annualized dividend yield of 226.09 percent, and Dominion Resources Trust ranked second on the list with an annualized dividend yield of 125.08 percent, as of 2015. Many investors buy dividend-paying stocks because they provide significant sources of income and steady long-term gains, explains the company. Many dividend-paying stocks are from larger, established companies with large market capitalizations, although some small and micro-cap companies pay dividends.

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