Where Can You Find a List of the Best States to Retire?

As of 2015, Kiplinger and Bankrate both publish lists of the best states to retire on their websites, with the states ranked according to various criteria, such as strong health care systems, low crime rates, economic health, and affordability. On its website, Forbes also has a slideshow of the best and worst states in which to retire.

The best state to retire in is Delaware, according to Kiplinger. The lack of sales tax and the fact that Social Security benefits are exempt from the modest income tax are two of the primary reasons that this state receives a high rank for retirees. Delaware is also affordable compared to nearby states, and it has a large population of individuals over age 65. Kiplinger recommends the inland city of Milford as an ideal locale in Delaware for retirees due to its location, cost of living, and entertainment options.

Also regarded highly for its low tax and crime rates, Bankrate names Wyoming as the best state in which to retire, according to the Bankrate website. The low cost of living as well as the availability of inexpensive entertainment and affordable auto maintenance make Wyoming the ideal retirement location. The mountain views and national parks are also reasons that Wyoming tops the list.

Hawaii's pleasant climate led to its selection as the best state for retirees, according to Forbes. More seniors live past the age of 65 in Hawaii than in any other state, making this the perfect retirement spot.