Where can you find a list of pit bull-friendly apartments?


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Posting a "housing wanted" ad on Craigslist describing the pit bull or contacting local shelters and breed rescues are two ways of finding pit bull-friendly apartments, according to MyPitBullisFamily. Many organizations have Facebook pages where an ad can be posted for help finding an apartment that accepts pit bulls.

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To find housing with a pit bull, the website MyPitBullisFamily has a list by state of housing options, explains MyPitBullisFamily. Placing an ad on Craigslist with honest details as to the weight, age and history of the pit bull can be helpful, accompanied with a picture of the dog. Offering to pay an additional deposit to cover any damage caused by the pit bull can sometimes sway a landlord. If the landlord's current property insurance will not cover a pit bull, offering to pay extra for an insurance policy that will cover the dog may help in renting an apartment.

While municipal bans are being lifted against landlords to deny renting to owners of pit bulls, many landlords try to avoid these bans by creating no-pet policies or saying the insurance carrier of the property will not insure the property with a pit bull on the premises, states PropertyManagementInsider of RealPage, Inc. MyPitBullisFamily.com is a nationwide campaign aiming to end discrimination against pit bulls and their owners.

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