Where Can You Find a List of Mail Order Companies?

The National Mail Order Association, LLC, provides access to hundreds of mail order catalogs in addition to keeping a full listing of mail order companies. Visiting the National Mail Order Association's website will also allow customers to break down the mail order catalogs into product categories as well making it easy to find mail order catalogs based on interest.

There are many different product categories listed alphabetically on the site including antique reproductions, apparel for uniforms, cleaning supplies, fishing, fitness equipment, floral, home furnishings & decor, horticulture (plants), leather goods, porcelain, sewing, silverware, souvenirs, stationary, stuffed animals, umbrellas & rainwear, videos and woodenware. The National Mail Order Association is also happy to accept phone calls and emails from mail order companies and customers if a person has additional questions.

There is also a National Mail Order Catalog Day in the United States, which occurs on August 18th every year and is based on the day that the first mail order catalog was ever created. Aaron Montgomery Ward published the Montgomery Ward mail order catalog on August 18, 1872, reports Forbes. After that, mail order catalogs grew in popularity. However, in the modern era, many mail order catalog businesses have stopped producing full color catalogs and instead have placed their merchandise online. Still other companies send out regular catalogs but expect customers to purchase items online.