Where Can You Find a List of Gas Taxes for Each State?


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The American Petroleum Institute lists state taxes on 1 gallon of gasoline. Information gets compiled quarterly. As of the January 2015 report, the average state excise tax on gasoline is 20.64 cents per gallon.

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Pennsylvania has the highest state gas tax at 50.5 cents per gallon, due to new taxes that went into effect in 2013. California, New York and Hawaii also have high taxes at or above 45 cents per gallon. California and New York have higher rates because of significant amounts of infrastructure needed to support large populations of drivers that use gasoline.

Oil-producing Alaska has the lowest state tax on motor fuel at 12.4 cents per gallon. New Jersey has the second-lowest tax at 14.5 cents. South Carolina, Oklahoma and Missouri also have tax rates of less than 18 cents per gallon.

A total of 17 states have state and federal taxes greater than 49.5 cents per gallon. Nineteen states mandate total taxes between 40 cents and 49.5 cents, while 14 states have state and federal gasoline taxes of less than 40 cents. The nationwide average for state and federal taxes comes in at 48.29 cents per gallon.

Some states base tax rates on a percentage of the price of fuel rather than a flat amount per gallon. Taxes for diesel fuel are different than for unleaded gasoline. Federal taxes were set in 1993 at 18.3 cents a gallon.

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