Where Can You Find a List of Fortune 500 Companies by State?

A list of Fortune 500 companies by state is available on the Fortune 500 section of Fortune's website. To access the state listings, go to the filters tab and choose the specific state desired. The list then narrows to include only those in that particular state.

All Fortune 500 companies are organized by rank and include the headquarters' cities and states in the listings on the Fortune website. Also included are the industry in which the company does its primary business and the performance of its stock for that day. Clicking on See Company Profile next to any listed company takes the reader to a detailed profile of that organization.

Company profiles include stock information, such as stock price, change for the day and percentage change in the stock price. There are also key financial numbers for the company, including revenues, profits and market value. A small synopsis of the company's current status is included in the profile, along with several links to recent stories concerning the company or industry that it is in. Other financial information included in the profile is earnings per share, profit ratios and total return to investors information covering the current, 5-year and 10-year points.