Where Can You Find a List of FHA Approved Townhomes in Illinois?

The HUD website provides a search engine that lets people find a list of FHA-approved townhomes and condos in Illinois. It is an easy feature that is free to use. Click on Illinois from the drop-down menu, and enter other criteria before clicking the button to get the results.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website not only lets people search by state, but the search function also has other criteria to select in order to find the best results. It lets them search by the name of the condo complex, its status or the date when it entered the system. Aside from just selecting the date, people can also get more specific by entering a city, county or zip code.

After clicking the button, the HUD page shows all condos under that criteria. This results page lists each condo complex’s name, the ID or submission info, address and phone number, and the approval method. It also includes information about its FHA status and any additional comments about the community, such as if it currently has openings or a waiting list. This page is for condos and townhouses only. HUD has another search engine when searching for apartments or houses that have FHA status.