Where Can You Find a List of Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital?


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A list of the doctors who work at Massachusetts General Hospital can be obtained from the hospital's website. As of February 2015, the hospital has 2390 physicians listed on its website, along with their specialties such as neurology, pediatrics and oncology.

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From the hospital's main page, click on the Find a Doctor link to navigate to the Find a Doctor page. All of the hospital's doctors are sorted by last name on this page. Doctors whose surnames start with the letter A are visible on the page. To view other doctors, click on the appropriate letter. This page also permits searching for doctors by department, location, language and gender.

A hard copy list of the doctors sorted by department can be created by clicking on the Find a Doctor link on the hospitals main webpage. On the next page, click on the printable directory link, which is located in the lower right of the page. Next, check the SELECT ALL CENTERS & DEPARTMENTS check box, and click the GENERATE A PHYSICIAN DIRECTORY button. This generates a directory in PDF format that can be viewed on a computer or printed.

Massachusetts General was ranked first in New England and second in the United States in the U.S. News & World Report's Best Hospitals 2014-2105. The Massachusetts General main hospital is located on Fruit Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

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