Where Can You Find a List of Dentists That Accept Medicaid?

Where Can You Find a List of Dentists That Accept Medicaid?

Find lists of dentists that accept Medicaid and/or participate in the Children's Health Insurance Program, a division of the national Medicaid program, at any state government's department of health and human services website. This information can also be found at Insure Kids Now.

State governments' health and human services department websites feature user-friendly links and dropdown menus, allowing prospective patients to acquire appropriate information about dentists that accept Medicaid. There are often PDF and Excel formatted lists of dental providers accepting Medicaid and occasionally a link to Insure Kids Now.

On the Insure Kids Now website, click on the Learn About Programs In Your State link. A map of the United States appears. Click the corresponding state. On the following page, scroll down. Click Find Dental Providers.

Enter the appropriate search criteria, such as "Medicaid/CHIP," ZIP code and radius in miles. Click search, and wait for the results. The list of results includes each dentist's name, the practice's legal address, a phone number and the distance from the searcher's zip code to the dentist's office.

There is also info about whether the dentist accepts new patients, what form of dentistry they specialize in, such as general or orthodontics, and if the dentist's office is equipped to accommodate special needs. Links to the right of these details offer driving directions, full dentists' profiles and a means to map the address results.