Where Can You Find a List of the 20 Best Mutual Funds?


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Different criteria determine what makes a worthy mutual fund, and the U.S. News Money website lists notable mutual funds available for investment. This website provides information about fund year-to-date performance as well as expense ratio.

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U.S. News Money groups its rankings of mutual funds into categories according to traits such as length of term, market sector, high or low value, and yield. As of 2015 some of the best mutual funds in these categories include GuideStone Funds Extended-Duration Bond Fund, Baird Short-Term Bond Fund and T. Rowe Price Diversified Small-Cap Growth Fund. The website lists each fund's ticker symbol next to its name.

Mutual funds consist of stocks, bonds or other securities, notes Fidelity Investments. The advantage to investing in a mutual fund is the opportunity to invest in a large pool of securities that are hard to keep up with individually. The total value of each fund fluctuates based on the prices of its corresponding securities.

The price of a mutual fund is its net asset value, explains Fidelity Investments. Professional management of the fund and its liquidity, fees and tax considerations are all important factors for investors to consider. Investors often gauge the performance of a mutual fund against a benchmark index, such as the Standard and Poor's 500.

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