Where Can You Find a Lease Termination Template?

Where Can You Find a Lease Termination Template?

BizTree.com, RocketLawyer.com and Nolo.com are websites offering lease termination templates. Viewing the samples online is free, but downloading files to personalize and save may involve fees.

BizTree.com provides templates for various forms, including an agreement to cancel lease, mutual cancellation of lease, termination of lease obligation and landlord notice of termination of lease. The templates are viewable online for free or downloadable as Word files with the purchase of Business-in-a-Box software.

RocketLawyer.com provides a free tenant's notice to terminate tenancy sample for viewing. The editable template is downloadable for a fee.

Nolo.com offers a sample agreement regarding cancellation of a lease that visitors can copy and paste from the site.

Each of these websites includes free advice and resources concerning lease termination.