Where Can You Find a Free Lease Termination Form?

Find free lease termination forms on sites such as FindForms.com, YourFreeLegalForms.com, PropertyDo.com, TidyForms.com and Entrepreneur.com, as of 2015. Each site offers forms with additional level of details, including clauses to indemnify each party, as well as section to fill in the names of all parties and the dates of the lease.

A lease termination form serves as a legal document that nullifies an existing rental agreement and removes all obligations from both the landlord and the tenant, including rent for the remaining months on the lease. For the form to take effect, both parties must mutually agree to the terms within the document and provide a signature. For the landlord to end a lease without the consent of the tenant, she must initiate the eviction procedure, which involves different forms and adherence to specific laws and regulations.

Most lease termination agreements must include the names of the landlord or leasing agency and all tenants, to ensure proper compliance and notification from all parties. The form also needs to list the start and original end date of the lease along with the address of the property. It is possible to include a reason for the early termination but is not necessary unless otherwise stipulated in the lease or by local law. The form should also clearly state any remaining obligations for either party, both financially and for the care of the property, as well as the date on which the lease is to end.