How Can I Learn If a Product Has Received Negative Reports or Complaints?

can-learn-product-received-negative-reports-complaints Credit: Blend Images - Hill Street Studios/Gary Kious/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Consulting consumer-oriented newsletters or magazines such as Consumer Reports is one way to find out about negative product complaints. Another way is reading online product reviews. Consumer Reports is a respected publication that publishes performance feedback about popular consumer products such as automobiles and blenders. Consumers can also find many product reviews written by other consumers at various online sites that allow commentary.

According to Mashable, many consumers prefer to read reviews from a multitude of sources. Mashable has compiled a list of websites that have tons of product reviews and ratings highlighting actual customer experiences. Among the sites listed are Amazon, Epinions and CNet Reviews. These sites provide consumers with insider details that also may include some negative perspectives.

Reading reviews helps consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions, notes About. One important thing people can find out from reviews is the level of customer satisfaction. While there is always a mix of opinions, if a product has more negative reviews than positive, this can cause a person to avoid making the purchase. However, people can leave negative reviews based on small details that don't meet expectations. Therefore, it helps to know why the consumer disliked the product. For instance, a major defect would be cause for avoidance. A minor imperfection or preference issue may not matter to others.