How Can You Learn More About Best Balanced Mutual Funds?


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U.S. News and CNN Money contain detailed information related to best balanced mutual funds, as noted by the official website of each organization. These websites sort mutual fund information by allocation type and list numerous performance metrics, such as year-to-date percentage return.

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Aggressive allocation mutual funds include the Wells Fargo Index Asset Allocation Fund, the Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth Fund and the American Century One Choice Aggressive Fund, as listed on the U.S. News website. In contrast, popular conservative allocation mutual funds are the Vanguard Tax Managed Balanced Fund, the USAA Growth and Tax Strategy Portfolio, and the Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund. Additional mutual fund allocation types include moderate allocation, retirement income and world allocation.

Mutual funds represent pools of funds form numerous investors, as stated by CNN Money. These funds are then invested into a portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate and other securities. One of the main advantages of these funds is exposure to diversification and management by an investment expert. When researching these funds, an investor should consider the fund's largest quarterly loss, its beta coefficient and the standard deviation. This information assesses both performance and volatility. A best balanced mutual fund offers favorable tax implications and minimal associated fees.

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