How Can You Find Landstar Load Boards?


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Truck owners or operators can find Landstar load boards either directly through Landstar or by using a broker's website such as Landstarbroker.com. Those looking to use the broker's services need to first register and become qualified.

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Truck drivers can work directly with Landstar to haul the company's loads. As a Landstar driver, the trucker makes his own driving schedule, choosing what load to carry, when to work and when to go home. Landstar agents post thousands of loads everyday into the company's network or load boards; drivers have complete access to this network from which to choose the load that fits their needs. Other trucking companies with fleets of trucks can also use Landstar to find loads by informing Landstar of the fleet's availability and locations. Because of its variety of loads, Landstar can utilize many different kinds of trucks.

Registered and qualified truckers can search for a load on Landstarbroker.com by entering the origin city and the destination city. A truck driver can further specify the load by pick-up date, delivery date and load weight. A driver can set an alert on the broker's website to receive an email when a load with specific criteria becomes available.

Landstar offers transportation solutions for businesses from less than truckload hauling to air freight. The freight company operates through agents who are independent business owners. The agents work directly with customers to find the correct Landstar service for the customer's transportation needs.

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