Can My Landlord Sell a House If I Have a Lease?


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The landlord of a rental property can sell the property; whether that forces a tenant to move depends on how the lease is written and under what circumstances the property is sold, explains Lawyers.com. If the lease does not terminate upon the sale of the property, the tenant can stay.

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If the property is sold in a bona fide, otherwise known as genuine, sale, in most instances the lease transfers to the new owner as part of the sale, and tenants pay rent to the new owner, according to Lawyers.com. The only exception is cases where the lease itself specifies that it ends if the property is sold. The former landlord must inform tenants of the new landlord's contact information for payment of rent and other issues. The new landlord cannot raise rent or evict a tenant without cause and must get the tenant's security deposit from the former landlord to refund it when the lease ends.

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