How Can You Find Land Foreclosures in North Carolina?

Find land foreclosures in North Carolina at or Both sites feature a large number of listings, with no registration or fees required to view them.

At, hover the mouse over the Buy tab near the top left of the main page, and then click on NC Foreclosures on the drop-down menu. Click on the Home Type tab near the top right of the page, and then on the drop-down menu, remove the check from all items except the Lots/Land check-box. A list of available properties displays on the right side of the page; click on a listing to display property details such as parcel size, price and location. On any page, hover the mouse over the Buy tab and click on Foreclosure Center to access related information about foreclosures.

Near the top of the main page at, type "foreclosed land North Carolina" in the search box, and then click on the Search button to display a list of properties. Use the search feature on the left side of the page to narrow the search by county, price and parcel size. Click on the View Details link in a listing for information such as the parcel size, price and location.