How Can a Kid Make $100?


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A kid can make $100 in a variety of ways. However, assuming that the child is under the legal age for having a full or part-time occupation, the ways of making $100 are likely limited to neighborhood and household chores, making bargains with parents and other ways of creating income.

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Neighborhood tasks vary in payment and are contract-free, so it is impossible to tell exactly how much work a child needs to complete in order to earn $100. A child can begin earning money by doing yard work for parents, neighbors or relatives. A child can also consider opening a lemonade stand, walking neighborhood dogs, washing cars or obtaining a paper route. A local paper route pays children in cash to ride their bike or walk around to various houses to deliver the paper with parental consent.

Aside from those examples, legitimate forms of wages and full-time work from companies are usually not legally obtainable, with parental consent or otherwise. A child needs to repeat whatever task he or she has been appointed to complete, as these kinds of tasks pay very little and are sparse in nature. This gives the child a great opportunity to practice saving money by setting up a budget plan until the goal of $100 is reached.

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