Can You Get a Kay Jewelers Credit Card With a 560 Credit Score?

As of December 2014, one can likely receive a Kay Jewelers credit card with a credit score of 560. This consumer credit card accepts individuals with poor credit, according to Finance Globe.

Finance Globe states that the issuer of Kay Jewelers credit cards understands that individuals applying for this type of card may have had issues with credit in the past and may be trying to rebuild their credit reputations. In addition, it is believed that a source of 560 or higher gives a greater chance of approval, but is not necessarily required. Credit Q states that one's FICO score should be at least 543 to qualify for a Kay credit card.

However, some people have found that their credit scores were hurt by owning a Kay Jewelers credit card. For example, a 2005 New York Times article found that customers with Kay credit cards were negatively impacted when Kay did not report their individual credit limits to the credit bureaus.