How Can You Find a Kate Spade Outlet?

How Can You Find a Kate Spade Outlet?

Customers can find a Kate Spade outlet store using the "Store Locator" feature on the store website, notes Kate Spade. The locator allows customers to narrow down search results by the type of store, including retailers, outlets and stockists.

Customers looking for discounts on Kate Spade merchandise may want to visit an outlet store. These stores are further apart than retail stores, but they sell items, such as clothing from last season, items that never sold and flawed factory seconds that never made it to the retailers, as stated by ABC News. Customers who don't mind a few minor flaws or older style clothing can get a quality name brand at steep discounts. Finding a Kate Spade outlet is as simple as using the "Store Locator."

  1. Find the store locator
  2. Go to the Kate Spade website. Click on the "Store Locator" link in the upper right corner of the page. This will take users to another page displaying a map.

  3. Enter search information
  4. Enter in the ZIP code or state to search in and select a country to search. Click on any of the "search" buttons to initiate the search. When users first arrive at this page, they may see that the search engine has already displayed a list of all Kate Spade stores. Users may just scroll down this list until they see their desired state.

  5. Narrow it down to outlets
  6. Scroll down to the search results based on the entered geographical information. Look for and click on the "Outlets" link on the left side of the search results page. This will narrow it down to only the Kate Spade outlets in the results list.