Where Can You Find Jobs That Are Hiring With No Experience Required?


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Online job websites such as Juju.com and Snagajob.com feature job listings that don't require any previous work experience. Narrowing job searches to entry-level and part-time jobs are more likely to produce job opportunities that fit the "no experience" criteria.

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One way to find jobs that require no experience is to search for jobs that emphasize soft skills over hard skills. Soft skills are defined as personality traits that employers find attractive, such as having a friendly manner and being attentive to details. Employers want employees who possess strong soft skills, and emphasizing traits such as being a quick learner can go a long way toward getting a foot through the employment door. Job applicants can identify useful skills by making a list of skills used in everyday life. For instance, being good at communicating with others is a useful skill for many positions, and being a good problem solver is another highly desirable trait.

Gaining employment require applicants to apply for positions that are one level below the desired job. It's often easier to get hired for a lower position first, which gives a worker a chance to gain the necessary experience to qualify for a better job. An applicant can demonstrate worthiness for an entry-level position by sharing background experiences that utilize the same skill sets required for the job.

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