Where Can a Job Seeker Find Sample Cover Letters on the Web?


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Job seekers can find sample cover letters on websites such as SusanIreland.com, QuintCareers.com and ResumeGenius.com. Each site offers its own perspective on this common stumbling block in the job application process.

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Susan Ireland offers more than 50 variations on the classic cover letter on her website. She organizes her sample cover letters according to the situation in which the job seeker found out about the job. For example, one set of examples covers situations wherein an applicant got a referral to the position, while another set covers applications responding to an online job listing.

ResumeGenius.com offers dozens of cover letter samples and organizes them according to what industry the job is in. Cover letters for medical positions are in one group, while cover letters for information technology jobs are in another. In addition to the sample letters, ResumeGenius.com also offers extensive advice for job seekers on writing an individualized cover letter.

QuintCareers.com offers another source for sample cover letters of all types, including cover letters for recent college graduates and cover letters for those transitioning from military service. Job seekers can look over multiple possibilities to find the structure and phrasing best suited to their own personality. Using sample cover letters as a guide to creating a personalized one generally provides better results than a simple copy and paste.

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