Where Can I Find a Job As a Pastor?


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The most common way to find work as a pastor is through a church that personally knows the pastor. However, there are many other options for finding a job as a pastor.

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Most pastors find work through the churches they personally attend, or through word of mouth by people they personally know. Most pastors, especially starting out, people want to know personally since he will be preaching personal views to them. Nobody just hires an unknown leader especially in areas of life where the leadership gets personal. Being a pastor is more than a job, it is a way of life. However there are many places online that are specifically for faith-related jobs as well as job listings in local newspapers.

There are many places online that specifically list jobs for ministerial employment. The biggest key for jobs like these are to have good references and good work histories. It is a good idea to network with people that the person goes to church with, as other people might know of churches hiring and can put in a good word. Another resource to access for jobs as a pastor are local newspapers. Sometimes, they will actually have a help wanted ad or a job listing that specifically calls for a pastor to a church. Sometimes they may have churches hiring for other jobs, but someone could easily ask them about other churches hiring.

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