How Can You Get a Job Driving a Monster Truck?

Aspiring pro monster truck drivers must obtain a commercial driverメs license, apprentice for a professional monster truck team and join the Monster Truck Racing Association before having a shot at the professional circuit. Monster truck driver positions are limited, but these steps can help increase aspiring driversメ chances.

Aspiring drivers must first acquire a commercial driverメs license, which is a license that is required to drive different types of commercial trucks, including 18-wheelers, dump trucks or monster trucks. Requirements to obtain a CDL differ between states, so drivers must consult their local Department of Motor Vehicles to find out about specifics. The DMV offers materials to help drivers study for the CDL exam.

After obtaining a CDL, aspiring drivers can gain experience by taking on an apprenticeship with a professional monster truck team. Most teams require apprentices to have some mechanical knowledge of monster trucks before hiring them. offers a directory of official team websites that apprentices can use to make contact with teams. Undertaking an apprenticeship is also a useful way to make connections in the racing scene that can serve to open doors to aspiring drivers.

In order to compete at the national level, drivers must become members of the Monster Truck Racing Association. Joining the association requires paying a membership fee. Membership gives drivers more opportunities for exposure and is the most common way to become a professional.