How Can You Get a Job As a Chat Operator With a Live Chat Program?

Chat operator jobs, which typically take the form of customer service or technical support positions, are often listed on online job listing databases, including big-name job search sites such as and There are also some specialized sites that tend to focus on work-from-home or flexible schedule jobs that may include some chat operator positions, including The exact requirements for a chat operator job are likely to vary by position; for example, Apple regularly hires live chat operators to work remotely for their AppleCare chat technical support program, but qualified applicants may need technical support and customer service experience to qualify for one of these jobs, reports

Some companies may also have requirements governing an applicant's technical proficiency. For example, AppleCare may require applicants to be able to type at least 35 words per minute. Other companies, such as SiteStaff, may require their chat hosts to be based in the United States, according to

Different companies may have special requirements based on their needs. Uber requires its chat agents, called Community Support Representatives, to have good writing skills. On top of this, they must be available for mandatory weekend and evening shifts, which correlates with the times when this taxi-alternative company experiences the most business.