How Can You Get ISSA Certification?

How Can You Get ISSA Certification?

Get ISSA certification as a fitness training instructor by enrolling in an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) course, paying the fee, studying the course materials, submitting all the course quizzes and taking the final exam. The course material includes a textbook of over 700 pages, a workbook, study guide and practice test.

  1. Enroll online

    Enroll for certification as a fitness trainer or specialist in fitness nutrition, sports nutrition, exercise therapy, senior fitness or strength and conditioning by applying online at the official International Sports Sciences Association website. A full packet of course materials will be sent to you, and you'll have immediate access to electronic copies of the study material.

  2. Study the course materials

    Read through the information packet that details how to complete the course. Study the textbook, and complete the required quizzes in order. Although going through the workbook, study guide and practice exam is optional, it is recommended to help prepare for the final examination.

  3. Take the final exam

    Take the final examination online, on paper or at a seminar. Taking it online automatically saves your submission and ensures quicker grading results, while taking it on paper necessitates a trip to the post office to send it by registered mail. Taking the exam at a seminar enables you to receive instruction and advice from professional trainers. The exam is proctored, which is a requirement for some employers.