What Can You Do If the IRS Sends the 1040 Form to the Wrong Address?


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Beginning in 2011, the IRS stopped automatically mailing tax form packages, including Form 1040s, to taxpayers, according to the Internal Revenue Service. To locate a downloadable copy of Form 1040, go to IRS.gov and click on the tab labeled Forms & Pubs. As of 2015, the IRS has a special toll free number, 1-800-TAX-FORM or 1-800-829-3676, set up specifically for taxpayers to use in requesting particular forms be mailed to them.

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Before filing your personal taxes, investigate whether Form 1040 is the most appropriate form to use, says Kay Bell for Bankrate. Other alternatives include Form 1040EZ and Form 1040A. Form 1040EZ is the simplest and quickest of the three forms to use; however, you must meet certain criteria including income limits, age limit requirements and filing status requirements.

Form 1040A is slightly longer and more time-consuming to complete than Form 1040EZ, and Form 1040 is the longest and most complicated of the three. Bell points out that choosing the simplest form may not be the wisest choice. The longer forms provide more opportunities to claim deductions, tax credits and exclusions. Form 1040EZ assumes none of these tax breaks applies to you, so using it when you can claim such tax breaks may cost you money.

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