How Can You Get Free IRS Forms to Print?

Obtain free tax forms to print by visiting the IRS website and navigating through the Forms & Pubs section, the IRS reports. There are a variety of different tax forms available, including prior year tax forms, for both individual and business taxpayers for every tax situation.

The IRS webpage provides forms that can be downloaded and printed from a taxpayer's computer, provided the tax payer has PDF software on his computer system, explains the IRS. There are also forms available for disabled taxpayers using assistive technology to navigate the Internet. Some publications available on the IRS website are also available in HTML format. The HTML format is for taxpayers who use an electronic reading device.

Once a taxpayer has found the form he is looking for, he can select the hyperlink and open the form using the reader software. Forms can be printed directly from the taxpayer's web browser, according to the IRS.

Taxpayers looking for free printable tax forms for state taxes can visit the website of their respective state's taxation department, as stated by TurboTax. TurboTax has a page on its official website that provides links to each of the 50 state's respective department of revenue or taxation websites.