How Can Investment and Brokerage Information Be Accessed for a Scottrade Account?

An existing Scottrade client can access investment and brokerage information by visiting, logging in to his account, and clicking the My Account tab. Only existing clients with established accounts can access confidential Scottrade information, according to the company website.

The My Account tab displays on the default home page when a client first logs in to his Scottrade account. As of 2015, the page defaults to show all currently held investments and pending money. It is also possible to find brokerage information, including account status. For example, a client with an approved margin account application sees the phrase "Margin Account" after logging in to his account. He can then view the available balance in that account, explains Scottrade.

A client can also discover if his account has access to buying options and futures contracts. The brokerage section shows the current rate per transaction charged by Scottrade. A user's home page can be customized to provide more details, including a list of past performance and past fees paid since the opening of the account.

A client also has the ability to view other investment and brokerage information, such as his dividends earnings and interest collections. Scottrade also allows clients to download personal investment information to a PC in a PDF or Excel file format.