How Can You Invest in SpaceX Stock?

SpaceX, which designs and manufactures advanced rockets and spacecraft, does not trade on any public stock market as of 2015, according to Profit Confidential. Private investors and companies, such as Google, do invest money into SpaceX to help finance projects.

Some analysts value the company in excess of $10 billion, although the company does not offer any stock for public investors to purchase, notes Business Insider. Fidelity Investments owns 10 percent of SpaceX, and if the company does proceed with an initial public offering, private investors such as Fidelity and Google could receive large payouts.

Elon Musk is the chairman and chief executive officer of SpaceX, cites USA Today. Musk is also the chairman and CEO of Tesla Motors and the founder of PayPal. In June 2015, Musk told investors of Tesla Motors in a conference call that SpaceX plans to go public after establishing regular flights to Mars. The news put a damper on investor hopes of an initial public offering announcement by the company.

Two of SpaceX’s biggest competitors include Orbital ATK and Boeing. The three companies compete for close to $25 billion in business from NASA each year. SpaceX holds a $1.5 billion contract with NASA to fly resupply missions to the International Space Station, notes Profit Confidential.