Can You Insure a Car You Don't Own?


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One option for someone who wants to insure a car that he doesn't own is to be listed as an insured driver on the owner's auto insurance policy. Another option is to simply buy the car from the actual owner and then insure it.

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Insurance companies usually prefer it if individuals who wish to be listed on the owner's auto insurance live in the policyholder's household, unless the individual is away at college. An individual who doesn't live in the policyholder's household needs to have insurable interest in the vehicle in order for an insurance company to agree to add him as an insured driver.

Insurable interest is when an individual suffers a financial loss in the event that the vehicle were damaged, stolen or destroyed. Without insurable interest, insurance companies may be under the impression that any individual who seeks to insure a car has no reason to safeguard the vehicle.

Insuring the car is a lot easier if the individual simply has his name on the title. To add his name on the title, an individual can either buy the car or have the current owner give it to him. One advantage of buying the car and insuring it is that the new owner can start creating an insurance record.

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