How Can You Get Insurance for Farm Equipment?


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Get insurance for farm equipment by applying for a policy with an insurance company such as Nationwide, Shelter or Farm Bureau Financial Services Insurance, as noted on their websites. Select insurance that covers specific vehicles, trailers, tractors and other equipment, and choose the type of insurance that is appropriate, such as comprehensive, collision or bodily injury.

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How Can You Get Insurance for Farm Equipment?
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Nationwide Insurance provides two basic types of farm equipment insurance — blanket and individual coverage — explains its website. A blanket policy insures all equipment up to a specific dollar value, and individual coverage lists each piece of equipment with an attached value. Nationwide's AgriChoice insurance covers equipment for standard losses such as fire, wind and lightning and also for special losses, such as foreign object damage, contact with the ground and damage during towing. This coverage applies to borrowed or rented machinery as well.

Shelter Insurance covers losses due to falling objects, collapse, theft, vandalism and collision, notes its website. Shelter's policy also protects against damage from fire, wind, lightning and flooding. Policyholders must list each piece of equipment and assign a specific dollar amount to it. Farm equipment attachments are listed individually or they're included in the value of the machine they're used with.

Farm Bureau Financial Services' comprehensive policies insure trucks, trailers, tractors and other equipment against standard losses, and also include circumstances such as malicious mischief and rioting, according to its website. Its collision coverage pays for damage to trailers and vehicles that accidentally overturn.

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