How Can You Get an Insurance Claim Form?

How Can You Get an Insurance Claim Form?

Get an insurance claim form on the website of the insurance company that is providing coverage. Some insurance companies allow for online submission of claims, such as Aflac and Colonial Life. Other companies and government entities' websites, such as BCBST and Medicare, have downloadable PDF documents to be filled in and mailed.

Insurance and government care websites, including, and, have downloadable insurance forms with government or company-specific branding on the form.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee has downloadable forms for health care claims, dental claims, vision claims, prescription drugs and health care FSA reimbursement on its website. Both the website and the downloadable health care claim form on the website state to only submit an insurance form if a health care provider, such as a doctor, hospital, dentist or pharmacist, does not file a claim.

Colonial Life, which offers insurance products such as accident, cancer, disability, critical illness and life insurance, has downloadable PDF forms on its website. Find these forms by going to the Claims and Service Forms section then clicking on Claim Forms. Colonial Life also allows submitting certain claims online, including health claims and loss-of-life notification forms. These options are in the Claims and Service Forms section under Online Forms. Aflac also offers online claims through the SmartClaim service on its website for accident, cancer, hospitalization or illness.

With Medicare, the website recommends that if a doctor does not file a claim on a person's behalf, the person should call 1-800-MEDICARE for assistance. There is also an online Patient Request for Medical Payment form, or CMS-1490S, that can be downloaded from the Medicare website.