How Can You Find Instructions for the GenerLink Transfer Switch?


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Operating instructions for the GenerLink transfer switch can be downloaded from company websites such as Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative and Global Power Products. In addition, basic operating instructions for the device can be found on the websites of organizations including Baldwin EMC and Firelands Electric Cooperative.

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The GenerLink transfer switch allows generators to be connected directly to the wiring system of home, explains Baldwin EMC. The device is designed to be an alternative to potentially dangerous extension cords and expensive transfer switches.

To connect a generator to the GenerLink transfer switch, a four-blade plug on one end of the GenerLok, the specialized power cord sold with the device, is inserted into the power outlet of a generator, explains Baldwin EMC. The other end of the cord is plugged into the GenerLink transfer switch and locked into place. The device is designed for current outputs that do not exceed 30 amperes; if loads exceed this level, the switch automatically disconnects.

There are three indicator lights of different colors on the device, each designed to signal certain states, explains Baldwin EMC. When illuminated, the green light indicates that utility power is available. The yellow light typically turns on when the load exceeds 30 amperes. When the device malfunctions, both the yellow and red lights illuminate; this is a sign that the device requires immediate professional attention.

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