Where Can You Find Information About SSA TREAS 310?

The best place to find information regarding SSA TREAS 310 is the Social Security handbook. The federal government also has information on different government sites online.

The Social Security office has an online handbook regarding specific payments and different codes that citizens can look over. The handbook regarding SSA TREAS 310 can be found on the Social Security office’s website, or can be gotten in person at the nearest social security office. Anyone can call a social security office and ask one of the social security employees about the SSA TREAS 310 as well.

According to the Social Security Handbook,SSA TREAS 310 is for the state to determine which marriage is valid if someone has been married more than once. Most states will automatically assume that the latest marriage is most valid, even if there has not been adequate information provided regarding the dissolution of the previous marriage. If this is the case, the Social Security office will ask for proof of the previous marriage ending. Until the proof is provided, the state will assume the most recent marriage is valid even if it is not. The person in question will need to reasonably attempt to provide some type of evidence of the most recentmarriage being valid or the previous one being dissolved, but proving one of them does not automatically make the other assumption true.